By Kyle Weedon, DDS, PLLC
March 25, 2016
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Learn more about how these restorations can replace all or most of your missing teeth.

Your Mineola general dentist Dr. Kyle Weedon takes denture making seriously and no two dentures are created the same. Find out more Denturesabout the denture options available to you here in Mineola.

Full dentures

Either upper or lower full dentures are used to replace all of your missing teeth. Just as you may have already assumed, upper dentures are placed over the top jaw while lower dentures fit over the lower jaw.

Partial dentures

This restoration is used when you need to replace several or most of your teeth but you still have some healthy teeth. By placing these dentures we can also prevent your natural teeth from shifting out of alignment.

Once your Mineola dentist has examined your smile and determined that dentures are the best option for replacing your missing teeth then it’s important to understand the next steps to getting your new smile.


If there are any teeth remaining that aren’t healthy they will need to be extracted prior to your treatment. After your extraction you will need to wait for the tissue to heal before you get your dentures. This time will vary depending on how many teeth you’ve had removed.


The next step will be for us to take impressions of your mouth. By taking these impressions this will give the lab an exact replica of your mouth from which to build your new prosthetic teeth.

Choosing Your Smile

Not all smiles are created the same and you’ll want to have a say in how your smile looks. This means choosing things like the shape, size or color of your teeth so that you get dentures that you are happy with and that feel the most realistic. And if there were flaws or other issues you weren’t happy about with your real teeth now is the time to correct it with your new smile.


Once your dentures are created you will come back in for a fitting to make sure they fit comfortably. Adjustments are often needed to get the best fit possible; however, you may need to come back for additional adjustments.

Have questions about dentures? Want to know if they could quickly and inexpensively replace your teeth? Then it’s time you turned to your Mineola restorative dentist, Dr. Weedon. Schedule your appointment today!


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